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Vaporizers / Vape Pens

Enjoy herbs in a healthy way. Vaporization is a much healthier way to use herbs than smoking. There is no burning. The flavour and active substances are released through the vapour, which contains only a minimum of harmful substances compared to smoke. Enjoy the pure taste of herbs, without harmful substances and without odour.

If you are just starting out, we can help you get to grips with the world of vaping. We've summarised everything you need to know about vaping herbs. Compared to smoking, vaping has many advantages. Not only is it safer and healthier, but it is also effective and discreet. It offers a significantly better taste experience, plus the strength of the effect can be controlled by adjusting the temperature.

In order to get the best out of the benefits of a particular herb by vaping, each herb requires heating to a temperature at which it begins to release the desired active ingredients. Don't worry, it's not rocket science. We've compiled all the essentials for you in our Guide to the World of Vaporizing Temperatures. You can also use vaporizers for aromatherapy. We've compiled a list of 20 legal herbs that you can vape to reap their benefits for the human body. Is there an ideal temperature for vaporizing CBD cannabis? In our guide, you'll find out at which temperatures the different cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are released.

To help you choose from our ever-growing range of devices, we test and review vaporizers for you. Vaporizer reviews and other useful articles on the topic can be found HERE. Our video reviews will also help you make your choice. For products we have already tested, you will find the video review directly in the product details.