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Vape pens

Vape pens are essentially small vaporizers resembling the shape of a pen or e-cigarette. These devices allow you to inhale dry herbal material, oils, waxes and cartridges discreetly and easily. Pens are lighter and considerably cheaper than their cousins, the more advanced pocket and desktop vaporizers. The one-button function, easy installation process and affordable price make these devices a suitable choice if you want to enjoy the benefits of herbs and cannabis at home and on the go.

Vaporizing pens more often use conduction heating. Conduction vaporizers heat up faster, which means less waiting time.

Components of the vape pen:

  • The materials compartment (vape coil, chamber, cartridge) is a dedicated space for placing dry herbs, wax, oil or concentrates.
  • The battery is often rechargeable and built-in, powering the incandescent element that generates the steam. Battery life varies from device to device and most can be recharged via USB.
  • The atomizer is a small heating element inside the vaping pen that converts the concentrate or dry herb into vapor. It is mainly made of ceramic or quartz.
  • The power button controls the switch and sets the temperature of the glow element. Some models require the consumer to hold the button while in use.
  • The mouthpiece is attached to the end of the cartridge, here you suck in the steam.
  • Depending on the model, sensors detect when you press the button or when you inhale.
  • The LED indicator shows you when the device is on, in use or needs to be charged. It is placed on the bottom of the battery, around the multi-function button or elsewhere on the device.
  • The PCB chip is the brain. This chip issues instructions for the proper execution of functions including pressing the power button five times to turn on, the same to turn off, pressing it twice to preheat, and more.

Herbal pens

The dry herb is either heated by hot air only (convection) or by direct contact with the heating coil in the bottom of the chamber (combustion). Convection gently breaks down the herb to produce steam, a healthier alternative to smoke.

The vapor path of dry herb vapes has an extra component: a filter or strainer to prevent the user from inhaling residue. These components need to be cleaned regularly to ensure optimal airflow when vaping.

In our offer you will find the Flowermate Aura vaporizer, which even has two containers - for dry herbs and waxes, concentrates and oils.

Oil vapes

Oil pens are generally the easiest to use because the cartridge can be pre-filled. The battery supplies power to the cartridge, which has a built-in glowing body. This heats the oil and creates steam.

Here you can get a specially designed vaporizer for CBD liquid Smono CBD 1, which has a 1 ml refill tank, or one of the smallest vaping pens on the market Linx Hermes 3 Oil or Flowermate Wix oil vaporizer.

Oil and liquid pens are also divided according to the method of coating:

  • Mouth to Lung, abbreviated MTL - first pulls into the mouth and then into the lungs, more suitable for beginners.
  • Direct Lung, abbreviated DL - the vapour is inhaled directly into the lungs and more is produced, suitable for advanced users.
  • A combination of both - perfect for first-time vapers figuring out what works best for them.

Wax pens

Wax pens (also dub pens) have a battery like other vape pens and the heating element is an exposed coil, usually ceramic or quartz. The wax is placed directly on the heating coils, which heat up and turn the wax into vapor.

In our range we have a high quality vaporizing pen Linx Blaze, dubbing vape pen Stonesmith' Slash Kit or "honey straw" Linx Ares vape pen for wax concentrates.

Vaping pens are an excellent low-profile consumption option that produces significantly less odor and requires no additional accessories. This discretion makes these devices an excellent choice when you don't want to draw attention to yourself.

Browse our extensive range and discover the benefits of vape pens. When searching for a specific device on our e-shop, you can use the "filter" option according to your preferences and desired parameters. If you need help with your selection, please contact us.