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Storage / Stash

When vaping herbs and cannabis, several factors can affect the quality of the vapour, one of which is storage. Improperly stored herbs lose their potency and flavour as the cannabinoids and terpenes break down quickly, affecting the vaping experience. Not to mention that no one wants to inhale mold and bacteria. To extend the life of your herbs, there are 4 most important factors to keep in mind:


If the herbs are exposed to moisture, there is a risk of mould, while too dry conditions reduce their quality. Protect your herbs from moisture and oxygen with Qnubu California's vacuum canister, which uses a revolutionary vacuum system for optimal protection of the stored material.


Direct sunlight is one of the most dangerous elements. Light can degrade herbs in a short while. Make sure to store them away from direct light. We carry Miron airtight purple glass containers that act as a natural filter, letting in only the components of light that protect or improve the quality of the stored substances in 30-1,000 ml sizes.


Store the herbs in a cool environment where the temperature does not exceed 23 °C. Too high temperatures can dry out the essential oils on the herb. Too low temperatures can encourage mould growth.


To maintain freshness and potency, proper storage in a container with adequate air is important. Not enough air can lead to excessive moisture, whereas too much air can cause herbs to lose potency more quickly.

By storing herbs in an airtight container, you can prevent exposure to oxygen. You can use Oil Black Leaf containers, glass bottles with a wooden lid and silicone sealing ring, or the black plastic resealable Pop Top Qnubu California jars, which are watertight and airtight and have a handy pop-up lid.

If you need to store concentrates, always keep them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Containers as small as possible will be useful to limit airflow, such as small silicone Oil Black Leaf containers with a removable food-grade silicone liner. For long-term storage, reach for an airtight and watertight container.

Our range also includes the DynaVap DynaTec Orion induction heater, which has a small container for storing herbs. Store your herbs and cannabis flowers properly and get your own container.