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Nano CBD

The main advantage of Nano CBD products is the fundamentally better absorption of the active substance into the body, or its significantly higher bioavailability (between 80 and 90%). This makes Nano CBD up to 10 times more effective than conventional CBD oils, CBD tinctures or CBD sprays.

This efficiency is due to special production technology. During this process, the CBD molecules are coated with very small particles such as liposomes or lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). These stabilise the CBD and can move through the bloodstream faster than the ordinary "naked" CBD. The size of individual Nano CBD particles ranges from 25 to 100 nm.

Nano CBD can be easily consumed by mixing it into drinks. In fact, unlike traditional CBD oil, Nano CBD is water-soluble or at least appears to be (more in our article), as the smaller molecules can quickly disperse in the liquid. Effective absorption provides relief in potentially much shorter time frames compared to traditional CBD oils.

Among the sought-after effects of CBD oil is its anti-inflammatory action. But its benefits are much broader: it supports the body's natural defences, muscle and joint health, and skin and heart health. It is beneficial for maintaining cholesterol levels. CBD oil also provides stress relief. CBD sleep drops are also popular – for sleep disorders and insomnia. But the list of CBD oil benefits is much longer. Discover 6 more positive effects of CBD oils.