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Mechanical vaporizers

Manual warm-up vaporizers were the first portable devices on the market. These devices heat herbs, but not with the help of electronic software. Fire is used to heat them. The user chooses the temperature and heating time to suit him or her.

These vaporizers use either a regular lighter or a butane torch. No batteries or chargers are needed for butane devices, which is an advantage over electric vapes that can run out. However, since direct contact would burn the herbs and cause them to ignite, heating is done indirectly. The flame heats the material and hot air flows through the herb chamber via convection heating.

Manual vapes are suitable for anyone who wants to vape anywhere without electrical components and prefers simple devices that are environmentally friendly. All you need to use them is vaping materials and a lighter, so no complicated setup. If the user takes care of them properly, they will last forever without having to deal with any repairs as can be the case with electronic devices.

The design of these flame devices is much simpler than more advanced electronic devices such as pocket vaporizers, vaporizer pens or desktop vapes. This means that the purchase costs for manual devices are often lower. Most flame devices are made from natural and environmentally friendly materials - ceramic, glass, surgical steel and wood. Thanks to the absence of plastics and electronics, these vaporizers produce a famously flavorful vapor.

Vaporisation releases the active substances from the herbs. In the case of cannabis, these are cannabinoids such as CBD, H4CBD, CBN and CBG and many others. As a result, there is no combustion process, thus no tarry substances are produced.

In our product range we offer manual warming vapes with temperature control, namely the great devices from DynaVap. DynaVap vaporizers are equipped with an auxiliary temperature control system. The VapCap M 21 model is a proud representative of vaporizers belonging to the butane group of devices. Once the desired temperature is reached, the device alerts with a sound. The intensity of the aroma is changed via the air/vapor adjustment port.

Its newer brother, DynaVap the B, was created with the novice user in mind and introduces them to the DynaVerse system and the benefits of thermal extraction. It is simple, easy to use, affordable and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Handmade wooden Sticky Brick vaporizers are also very popular. They can be bought in different models and wood types such as Cherry or Black Limba. They are simple in design but very effective and widely praised for their thick and aromatic vapor.

Vapman vaporizers are also interesting pieces, combining traditional Italian handmade elements with modern Swiss design. The olive wood exterior is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ensures high efficiency and ease of use thanks to careful workmanship. All you need is a lighter and herbs. In our range we have the Vapman Classic equipped with a special coating made of natural mica, which is known for its resistance to heat, and the Vapman Pure.

Crushers are useful for crushing herbs. Explore the range of manual vaporizers and choose yours. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.