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HHCP Distillates

HHC-P distillates

HHC-P distillate is a highly concentrated form of hemp extract that comes from industrial hemp. Pure distillates are intended for further processing stages, filling vape cartridges and for dabbing.

HHC-P distillate contains 2 different molecules: R HHC-P and S HHC-P. The R HHC-P molecule actively interacts with CB1 endocannabinoid receptors, whereas the S HHC-P molecule does not bind as effectively, thus it is considered more of an inactive component. The higher percentage of R HHC-P leads to greater product potency. In practice, a 1:1 ratio or dominance of R HHC-P is often applied.

Hemp extracts with high concentrations of cannabinoids are suitable for experienced users.

HHC-P (hexahydrocannabiphorol) is produced by strengthening the carbon side chainHHC. The carbon structure influences the interaction of cannabinoids with CB1 receptors, and its elongation increases the ability of the cannabinoid to bind to these receptors.

Each cannabinoid has a different potency of effects, and each also affects the body and mind differently. HHC-P can have a relaxing and unwinding effect, inducing euphoria, improved mood and pain relief. The effect of pure HHC-P distillate may differ from other HHC-P products because the distillates do not contain other cannabinoids or terpenes, as is the case with HHC-P flowers or vapes.

Dosing should always be approached responsibly, it is best to start with the lowest dose possible and monitor the effect it has on you.

With us you will get quality and safe spirits, which are subject to testing in laboratories. Everything is governed by strict production and storage standards to ensure that the products retain their quality. Products do not contain any undesirable or hazardous substances (pesticides, heavy metals or solvents). We offer legal and certified products.

Choose from the HHC-P spirits category. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. For more information, also see the article:Comparison of HHC, HHC-O and HHC-P cannabinoids.