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HHC-O hash

HHC-O hash

Hash is a cannabis concentrate containing the cannabinoid HHC-O, which isproduced from resin (trichomes) found on female cannabis flowers. HHC-O hash is produced from industrial hemp when the resin is extracted using one of the extraction methods. Subsequently, the trichomes are compressed under pressure and sometimes heat into variously sized blocks or cylinders.

In addition to cannabinoids, hash usually contains a small amount of plant material and a lot of terpenes that give it its characteristic aroma and flavor. Like different varieties of cannabis, they vary in colour, smell and strength. The colour can be black, brown or cream. The consistency varies from hard to soft, crumbly or oily. 

HHC-O is produced synthetically,it is not found in the cannabis plant. To the cannabinoid HHC is added a chemical compoundcalled acetanhydride (acetate). This chemical modification increases the effects of HHC and results in HHC-O, a stronger form of HHC.

The effects of HHC-O on the human body vary by dose and combination with other substances such as terpenes. In the experience of users, HHC-O can help to relax and aid in relaxation and rest, relieve pain and reduce stress, and can induce a feeling of euphoria. 

With us, you can be assured of products that are compliant with strict quality manufacturing and safety standards. Every product is tested in laboratories. Our products are safe and do not contain any hazardous or unwanted substances. Everything is subject to legal standards.

In our assortment you will find high quality HHC-O hash such as. HHC-O Hash 50% with THC less than 0.1%, HHC-O Hash 40%, HHC-O Hash 30%, HHC Blend Hash with HHC 20%, HHC-P 2%, HHC-O 5%, and HHC-O Hash Sample set containing 3× hashes of 30-50%.

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