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HHC-O products

HHC-O products

HHC-O cannabinoid is extracted through a special manufacturing process from the industrial hemp plant. It is a new version of the cannabinoidHHC, which has undergone a chemical treatment, hence the "O" at the end. This treatment process enhances the effects of HHC. HHC-O is thus a new and more potent variant of this cannabinoid. 

We have several HHC-O products to choose from - HHC-O vape pens, cartridges, flowers, extracts and concentrates or HHC-O hash.

HHC-O is a pure man-made cannabinoid that you will search in vain for in nature. The chemical compound acetic anhydride (acetate) is added to the original cannabinoid HHC. The effect of HHC-O on the human body is influenced by the dosage, the type of product, as well as synergistic effects with other substances (e.g. terpenes). Dosage is always an individual matter.

According to user experience, HHC-O helps induce feelings of relaxation and release, relieve pain, and can relieve stress and induce feelings of euphoria.

All of our HHC-O products meet strict manufacturing, quality and storage standards.We only offer safe products that are laboratory tested. Products are legal and subject to statutory regulations.

See our HHC-O products. Whether you're looking for a disposable HHC-O vape pen, new refilled cartridge, or HHC-O distillate, you'll find a wide selection of quality products in our range.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also read practical information in this article.