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Herbal blends for vaporisation

Dry herb vaporization is perfectly safe if you do it right and take the time to learn about it.

Herbal vaporizers reveal the unique flavors of herbs in a more subtle form. It's the best way to enjoy all that herbs have to offer. The vapor produced from vaping is light and contains only pure herbs with no harmful substances. The smoke creates an odor and lingers on the surface long afterwards, whereas the vapor from a vaporizer is odorless, leaves no trace and dissipates quickly.

Combustion destroys many of the herbal compounds you care about and turns them into harmful byproducts you don't want in your lungs. Vaporization releases these compounds instead of destroying them, providing a more complex experience that you won't find when smoking. And because vaporization squeezes every last bit out of the material, you use far less of it.

When vaporising dry herbs, temperatures in the lower and middle levels are ideal. The light dose is usually between 160-180 °C, the medium dose is between 180-200 °C and the high dose is 200 °C or more. Higher temperatures are not necessary when inhaling dry herbs.

Discover the power of vaporising herbs and herbal blends from our range and enjoy a wonderful aromatic experience. The blends we offer are legal and completely safe to use.

20 legal herbs that you can vaporize during aromatherapy

20 legal herbs that you can vaporize during aromatherapy

Cannabis is only one of the many herbs that can be vaporized. It is true that this is the most favourite one, but did you know that it can be used for aromatherapy as well? Tens of herbs exist to be vaporized, some of them you can even find in your wardrobe.