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Herb crushers are one of the most popular smoking products. They allow you to crush herbs so that you can easily dose and use them. They are an essential aid to vaporization.

When buying a shredder, think about what you plan to use it for. Do you want to carry it everywhere with you, so you need it to be portable? Or will you be using the shredder more at home?

Crushers are made of different materials in many sizes, shapes and designs. They consist of 2 to 5 pieces, with 2 pieces being the simplest crushers and 4 pieces having a few extras. For travel, you may want a two-piece plastic shredder because it is lightweight and portable. On the other hand, a wooden one can work nicely at home. Evaluate your needs when choosing one.

  • Plastic shredders are among the cheapest and lightweight. They can be ideal for travelling, but are not as durable as metal shredders. You can buy shredders from Volcano in two sizes. They have shark teeth and side notches to make it easier to shred herbs.
  • The wood crushers are tasteful. The wood grain is not only pleasing to the eye, but also functional. The pores in the wood are small pockets in which sticky resin will collect and which absorb excess oil. In our range we offer quality wood shredders made of rosewood, Shisam wood and more.
  • Metal shredders are among the most popular. They are mostly made of aluminium, but steel and titanium are also used. These materials are durable and safe. Shredders will be functional for many years if you maintain them properly. Explore our wide range of metal shredders in different colour options.
  • Electric automatic grinders are shaped like small stick blenders. You can also buy automatic grinders - Gold OTTO with a patented milling system with artificial intelligence that can evaluate the material and automatically adjusts the direction, speed and pressure, ensuring a perfect grind.

The teeth of the shredders come in different shapes, sizes and densities:

  • The high-end spear-shaped teeth grind herbs faster and better, for example, you can find the Deep Engarving aluminium shredder from Black Leaf with a magnetic cap.
  • The diamond-shaped side teeth will shred herbs without crushing the stem, for example, the Black Leaf aluminium wood shredder can handle buds, flowers and harder material thanks to its teeth.
  • Toothless grinders have sharp blades that grind the material to a powdery consistency and take care of the final grinding for vaporization, e.g. the four-piece Aerospaced grinder made of durable aerospace aluminum.

If the teeth of the shredders are placed close together, fewer herbs will fit inside, but they will be ground faster.

Also choose your shredder according to the number of functions. If it has more parts, it has more functions (and will also be heavier).

  • In two-piece shredders you only use the grinding.
  • The three-piece ones also collect the ground herbs in another compartment.
  • The four-piece ones combine the already mentioned functions, plus they have an additional space for collecting kief or pollen.
  • Five-piece shredders are usually equipped with a secret compartment for storing small flowers, leftover herbs or other small items.

We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable shredder.