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We offer thousands of hemp products for you, your loved ones and your pets – products containing CBDCBG and CBN cannabinoids, such as CBD capsules, CBGCBN and CBD drops, oils and crystalsCBD gummies and other sweets, liquidspatches and much more. We have everything for vaping. In addition to a wide selection of vaporizers and accessories for the proper use of medicinal herbs, we also offer a variety of quality hemp cosmetics (e.g. hemp creams, balms, ointments). We also sell haircare, skincare and body cosmetics for adults and natural cosmetics for children and babies. We offer hemp foods: teas, hemp seeds and oils, proteins, RAW foods, both savoury and sweet treats and snacks too. We think of everyone, even your pets. For your dogs and cats, we have anti-parasite products, cosmetics, supplements, treats and food. There comes a gift with every purchase! We are always happy to advise you on the selection. 

Cannabis sown

Sown cannabis: What are its effects and uses?

Demonized by some, loved by others. In any case, sown cannabis is currently the subject of extensive scientific research. Although it has traditionally been used as a technical plant for carpet or paper production, it has also been used for a variety of health problems. In this article, we will look at what specific uses or effects cannabis has.

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