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'Dabbing' means heating a sticky oil or wax containing concentrated active ingredients from herbs or the cannabis plant and then inhaling the vapours. This method of use is very old, but the concept of dabbing has gained attention especially in recent years. It is a faster and more intense method of vaporisation than other uses and generally offers a smoother inhalation than smoking herbs or vaping.

The great advantage of this method is that you are able to quickly determine the correct dosage, as you will feel the effects immediately and can adjust the dose accordingly.

Dabbing provides a satisfying cannabis experience because the terpenes and cannabinoids evaporate at lower temperatures, retaining their essential flavours, aromas and properties. You can adjust the temperature you use for concentrates to customize your experience and bring out specific characteristics.

Dabs are concentrated substances that are produced by extracting the active ingredients from herbs. Depending on the consistency, they are also commonly referred to as waxes, shatters, budders, honeycomb, sugar and the like. The names of dabs are based on the texture. The texture is indicative of how they were created. All of these substances are sticky and vary in color - yellow, amber, brown, and white.

Our dabbing products are lab tested and rich in non-intoxicating compounds such as CBD. CBD concentrate can help with pain relief and has no psychoactive effects. Explore our selection of safe concentrates for vaping.

The gases are heated on a hot surface, usually nail, and the fumes are then inhaled. Dab pens and vaporizers are suitable for beginners and will simplify the experience considerably. They are usually more expensive than cartridge vape pens, but they give you more flexibility in dosing.

A dab rig is similar to a bong, it is basically a hookah that consists of three basic parts: a mouthpiece, a chamber and a dab nail. It comes in many shapes and sizes, the choice is a matter of preference.

A classic is the dabber, which consists of a long neck and a flat platform or trough. You heat the nail to a high temperature and then place the chosen substance on the heated platform and use the mouthpiece (a bubbler can be used) to inhale it. Nails must withstand repeated heating, so they are made of either ceramic, quartz, or titanium. The nails are extremely hot, up to 600 °C. Be careful when handling and always wait until all pieces have cooled down.

When dubbing, you cannot do without a special tool, which is a small spoon or hook. It comes in many shapes, sizes and combinations and is used to scoop up the substance and apply it to the vaporizer or heated nail. You will also need a small handheld butane torch to heat the dab nail to the right temperature for dabbing.

And if you're worried about using a burner, reach for a simpler method, a dab pen like the Stonesmith' Slash Kit or the Puffco Peak Pro vaporizer, which is great for beginners, or the Linx Apollo vaporizer, which is popular with gourmands and concentrate lovers.

The bubbler is also a popular inhalation method as it provides a link between dabbing and a cool experience. An attachment is attached to vaporizers or dabbers that allows you to inhale cooler and filtered vapor.

We offer everything you need for dabbing such as stainless steel tools, multi-purpose tools, electric knives, professional dabbers and containers for proper storage. If you have questions and need help with your selection, please contact us.