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The legendary CLIPPER lighters are recognizable at first sight because of their shape, style and above all design. Thanks to their unique design, which is constantly changing and never repeated, CLIPPER lighters are also valuable for collectors. The lighter prints are witty, playful, artistic, topical and subtle - and have literally become a hit all over the world. A new collection of lighters is produced every 4 months or so and the old collections are never repeated. That's why CLIPPER lighters are so unique!

The history of Clipper lighters dates back to 1959 and most of the lighters are still made in Barcelona, Spain. The round shape of the lighter, designed by Enrico Sarda, has become a visual icon for Clippers. CLIPPER lighters have up to an incredible 3,000 ignitions, which in no way compares to the competition.

Clipper is the global leader in lighter manufacturing. Clipper plastic lighters are innovatively made from nylon. All Clipper lighters are filled with isobutane, which guarantees an increased gas utilisation capacity and at the same time a stable flame and therefore a long service life. The original patented valve design with preset flame height increases safety.

Clipper lighters are among the highest quality plastic lighters of the medium class. There is also a higher range of luxury metal lighters.