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CBD Oils and Drops 40 %

CBD oils and drops are a hemp extract, it is a combination of a cannabinoid extract from the cannabis plant and a carrier oil. Carrier oils are used to dilute the CBD and improve bioavailability. Most commonly used are vegetable glycerin or vegetable oils such as MCT (coconut, palm oil), sunflower, olive, avocado or hemp seed oil. Each of the carriers has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Compared to other carrier oils, MCT oil (coconut, palm - oils with medium-long triglyceride chains) offers the longest shelf life and is often used to make 
hemp oil. Hemp oil is also one of the most common carriers of CBD oils.

If the oil is 40% CBD, the bottle contains 40% CBD and 60% carrier oil. A 10ml bottle contains 4 ml of CBD, or 4,000 mg of CBD.
You can buy different types of CBD oils, which vary according to the content of cannabinoids and other phytochemicals:

  • Full-spectrum oils contain CBD and other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, and allowed amounts of THC), terpenes, flavonoids, and other ingredients.
  • Broad-spectrum oils do not contain THC, but you will find other cannabinoids in addition to CBD, similar to full-spectrum oils. The content varies according to the phytochemicals included and the manufacturers' process.
  • The isolate contains pure CBD without cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoid substances.

The purity of the products also affects shelf life. CBD isolates (the purest form) have the longest shelf life, while full spectrum and broad spectrum drops and oils retain more plant material and bioactive compounds but have a shorter shelf life.

The entourage effect can occur with full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. This phenomenon occurs when cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and vitamins (contained in the cannabis plant) act together to enhance their effect.

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, can help relieve pain and inflammation, relieve joint pain, protect the nervous system and may have a beneficial effect in heart disease and diabetes, for example. Therapeutic properties also include a relaxing effect, CBD can help to induce mental well-being.

When it comes to the dosage of CBD oil and 40% drops, it is important to mention the factors that influence the determination of the dose, namely age, weight, height, metabolism, personal experience and the effectiveness of the product. We recommend that you start with a lower dose and you can increase it over time. The 40% CBD concentration is suitable for experienced users.

All of our products are subject to strict manufacturing controls and laboratory testing. We only carry certified and safe products that are free of harmful and unwanted substances such as heavy metals, pesticides and solvents. The products comply with legislative standards and you will always find the origin, composition and expiry date on them.

Discover our range of CBD oils and drops 40%, you can buy for example CANNALINE CBD hemp oil 40%, Happease Relax CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise or Cannor Hemp oil full spectrum.

Do you know what to choose? Contact us and we will advise you. We also have more useful tips and information for you in our video reviews. This article will also help you with your purchase.