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CBD Flowers

All CBD technical hemp flowers can now be purchased exclusively through our sister e-store ****Buds for Buddies****.

We apologize for the inconvenience. At Buds for Buddies you will find not only hemp flowers but also all other products from our range. So you can easily place your order in one place.

You won't miss out on gifts with your purchase or other benefits. If you have an account with us on Canatura, you can also log in to it in our sister e-shop.

In our wide range you will find the best CBD cannabis varieties grown outdoors - outdoor, indoors - indoor, in the greenhouse - greenhouse, but also other delicacies - ice rock, moon rock and fine fraction. All varieties offered are part of the Common Catalogue of Varieties of EU agricultural plant species and thus meet the conditions for the sale and other handling of technical hemp in the EU.

Cannabis plant with brightly coloured CBD flowers

Using CBD flowers - a beginner's guide

One of the most common ways CBD can be ingested is through CBD oil and vaporizer oil. Another less common but still excellent way is to take CBD flowers, also known as "hemp heads", "CBD heads" or simply "CBD grass". But how should CBD flowers be used? And what are its effects? Find the answers to these and other frequently asked questions in this text for CBD beginners!

How to use CBD flower

Using CBD flowers – a beginner's guide

The most common ways to take CBD are through CBD oil and oils for vaping. However, another less common but still fantastic way is CBD flowers, also known as hemp buds or CBD buds. But how to use CBD flowers? And what effects will that bring about? You will get an answer to these and a few other questions in this text, which are primarily aimed at users who are starting with CBD flowers.

Recipe for hemp ointment with lard

Recipe for hemp ointment with lard

The uses of cannabis are almost endless. CBD drops on one side, herbal blends, candies, capsules and much more on the other. But topical products are among the most popular in the long run. What about trying to make hemp ointment at home?

The ultimate guide to vaporization

The ultimate guide to cannabis vaporization temperatures

Cannabis vaporization can be a much better alternative to traditional use, such as smoking. Steam occurring during vaping contains fewer harmful substances than smoke and will give you a cleaner experience to absorb more of "the good stuff." Thus, the right temperature during vaping can make a huge difference in taste and a positive contribution to your health.

Hemp butter - recipe, effects, dosage

Hemp butter - recipe, effects, dosage

Are you interested in consuming cannabis and like to experiment in the kitchen? In this article we show you how to make hemp butter easily. What is hemp butter, what are its effects and how to dose it? We'll explain everything so you can try out the easy recipes today.