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CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are practical, convenient and very easy to use. They are made from CBD-rich hemp extract and often take the form of soft gel or gelatine capsules. Some contain olive, coconut or hemp oil, others are enriched with important vitamins. If you already have experience with CBD drops and don't like the hemp taste, CBD capsules can be a great alternative. Among the clear benefits of CBD tablets is the ease of dosing - each capsule contains the exact amount of CBD.

Compared to CBD oils and drops, the effects of CBD come on later. By passing through the digestive tract, it takes longer for the active ingredient to reach the bloodstream. They do not have the highest bioavailability either – compared to CBD oils administered sublingually, less of the active ingredient enters the bloodstream. However, the effect is believed to last longer.

CBD capsules have the same effects as CBD drops (CBD oil). It acts as a prevention of civilisation diseases. Hemp extract with CBD has a positive effect on skin, muscle, joint and heart health. It also contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and the overall harmonization of the organism, promotes physical and mental regeneration. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory effects, thus counteracting pain.

CBD shows great promise in combating a wide range of ailments - from anxiety, to burnout syndrome, to asthma and liver disease. Many more are covered separately in our articles.

CBD and cancer: can CBD oil be used to fight the disease?

CBD and cancer: can CBD oil be used to fight the disease?

Cancer is a serious disease that kills millions of people worldwide every year. Scientists are therefore still trying to develop an effective drug that will reliably kill cancer cells. The lay and professional public is also pinning their hopes on cannabis. Can cannabinoids such as CBD help cancer patients? And if so, in what way?