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Are you a vaping enthusiast but have a sore throat from too high temperatures? Then our bubblers are a great option for you, making your vaping experience as pleasant as possible.

These are devices that combine the best features of a bong and a pipe. They are more portable than a bong, allowing inhalation of a milder vapour and smooth inhalation of the active substance. They reduce drying of the mucous membranes and enhance the overall effects.

After pulling from the bubbler, the steam enters the water chamber from the kettle, then into the mouth and lungs. This way the smoke cools, and doesn't irritate the throat as much.

Apart from attaching to the vaporizer and filling with water, the bubbler requires no further preparation or work.

Enjoy great pleasure and comfortable inhalation. Bubblers are the way to unforgettable experiences. Spice up home relaxation, friendly gatherings and adventures.

You can choose from many different shapes and colours. Explore them all and if you need any help with your choice, don't hesitate to contact us.