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Bazaar with vaporizers

In addition to brand new vaporizers, you will also find unboxed, tested or used devices on our website that are in perfect condition and at lower prices than new vaporizers. You can also buy vaporizers from international brands such as DaVinci or Firefly.

The advantage of using a vaporizer is the better taste of the inhaled vapour (due to the lack of smoke). The weaker smell guarantees a more discreet way of using herbs in public and, above all, a healthier use of herbs, as the vapour does not contain carcinogenic and other harmful substances produced by burning the product.

Vape devices are available in a variety of shapes and models. When choosing a device, decide whether you want to inhale dry herbs or concentrates (they have a faster onset and stronger effect), or both. Cartridges are pre-filled with oil.

Pocket vaporizers are easy to take with you. These devices are popular and affordable because the technology used is good enough for vaping. They have a chamber (furnace) that can be filled with dry herb, concentrate or both.

Vaporizing pens (vape pen) resemble a pen in shape, hence their name. They have a dedicated space for placing dry herbs or concentrate, and include a built-in battery that is usually rechargeable and powers the heating element to create vapour. A pre-filled vape cartridge with a rechargeable battery offers the easiest way to vape, especially for beginners. Disposable rechargeable vape pens can also be purchased. Most of these devices support cartridges with 510 connectors.

Desktop vaporizers house advanced vaping technology, but they mostly have to be plugged into an outlet. They provide better quality vapour. They often come with sophisticated controls and are sold with various accessories such as tubing, water tube attachments and balloons. The price is higher than portable devices.

To have the best vaping experience possible, be sure to read the instruction manual of the device you purchase to avoid potential problems such as degradation of cartridges or damage to the vaporizer.

Individual reviews and useful information can be found on our website. Whether you're looking for a portable vape, vaporizer pen, or desktop device, check out our selection of aftermarket deals and save. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help.