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Affiliate Program

We would like to introduce you to our new partner program Canatura! Whether you are a new promoter or an experienced partner, we have designed the program to be motivating and beneficial for everyone.




In cooperation with VIVnetworks agency we have exclusively joined the worldwide affiliate network CJ.com. We have thus gained the opportunity to expand our program to other EU Member States.

Currently, the program is available in the following languages: CZ / SK / EN / DE

You can now apply for our program in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia


If you have any questions about commission program you can contact affiliate@canatura.com or newly also podpora+canatura@vivnetworks.com


  • The largest offer of cannabis products in the Czech Republic!
  • High search engine rankings!
  • Commission up to 10% (cashback 10%, coupon sites 5-10%) - average order over CZK 1,000 (approx. 40 EUR)
  • Responsive e-shop - can be successfully converted on mobile phones and tablets, as well as on Facebook traffic.
  • Target group - all interested in a healthy lifestyle, fitness and sports, nutrition and food supplements, cannabis products, supplements and supplies for pets, cannabis-related literature, extraction equipment, vaporization and other accessories.
  • The goods are not seasonal, orders come all year round.
  • For more information about web traffic parameters and conversion rates, do not hesitate to contact us: affiliate@canatura.com
  • Customized XML output for each affiliate partner - no more duplicate product labels on hundreds of websites - we're getting it ready!
  • Iframe with eshop reviews - motivate your visitors to become our satisfied customers (insert a review in the iframe and set the required number of ratings) - we are preparing!
  • Offline partnership - we will produce discount cards with your unique affiliate ID, which we will send to your address. Everyone to whom you then distribute the voucher will receive a 5% -10% discount from you and you are just waiting for your commissions from their orders.





Benefits of our program:

  • regular commission payments
  • cookie length: 30 days (for all programs)
  • S2S cookie logging system (advanced postback storage) provides greater accuracy, additional security and greater flexibility;
  • accurate measurement of commissions
  • regular review of conversions


Not allowed:

  •     Emailing (bulk messaging / campaigns - enabled only after advertiser approval).
  •     Any form of SPAM - unsolicited e-mails, sms, forums and FB groups where SPAM is prohibited.
  •     Non-affiliate coupons (Prohibition on the use of coupons not intended for affiliate cooperation).
  •     Prohibition of the use of coupons in the order (in the case of advertiser coupons not specifically intended for affiliate).
  •     Typo domains.
  •     PPC direct arbitrage (simple advertising of an affiliate link to the advertiser's website in the case of PPC campaigns).
  •     PPC for brand queries.
  •     Deceptive advertising.
  •     Creating your own content and using the advertiser's logo (without prior approval).


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