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The glass vaporizer adapter is a special glass component that attaches to the vaporizer. The main purpose is to allow the vapours to be filtered and cooled.

We offer, for example, the Arizer glass joint adapter. This is a great choice for the Arizer V Tower and Arizer Extreme Q vaporizers. It's made from the finest materials and specifically designed to deliver vapor in a way that's both beautifully smooth and clean.

We also offer water adapters that allow you to connect the vaporizer to a water filter equipped with a glass tip. Water filtration allows you to cool and humidify the vapour during vaporisation at high temperatures.

You can also try our 14mm adapter from Storz & Bickel, which allows you to easily connect your Crafty or Mighty vaporizer to a hookah or bubbler.

If you are still unsure about choosing one, please contact us.