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Vaporisation: enjoy the power of spring herbs

How to properly vape herbs?

Vaporisation is a process in which herbs are heated by steam, releasing active substances. Almost all medicinal herbs can be vaped, ideally those that you grow in your garden.

A suitable choice for vaporizing herbs are desktop vaporizers, which are characterized by high vapor production and thus also greater efficiency than pocket models. They are suitable for users who prefer to inhale in a home environment. Temperature control, which is very important when vaping herbs, is also much easier with desktop vaporizers.

In contrast, portable vaporizers offer the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the taste and effects of herbs whether you are at home, outdoors or on the go.

Dried and as finely crushed as possible are put into the herb vaporizer. For really precise crushing, we recommend using a crusher. There are a variety of crusher designs to choose from. To keep the herbs as clean as possible and to simplify the maintenance of the chamber of your vaporizer, it is also advisable to use herb dosing capsules.

The vaporization temperature should be set lower at first, and then it can be gradually increased so that the herbs do not burn. The temperature for vaporising herbs is usually between 100 and 200 °C. Each herb requires a slightly different heating temperature to release the terpenes in it.

Is it safe to vape herbs?

Are you wondering if vaping herbs is safe? If you follow a few rules, it is possible to enjoy vaping herbs without unnecessary risks.

  • Make sure you take the correct dosage and don't overdo it with the amount. For starters, 0.1 g of dried herbs will be enough.
  • Pay attention to the vaporization temperature! It is important to only heat the herbs to avoid combustion, which would release undesirable substances. 
  • Consider possible contraindications. Some herbs are not recommended for use in conditions such as high blood pressure or pregnancy. Not sure about possible contraindications? Consult your doctor.
  • Do not use herbs that have been chemically treated. Toxic substances would enter your bloodstream during vaporization. Buying herbal mixtures from vetted producers greatly reduces the potential risks.

Is vaping safer than smoking? Absolutely yes! Because vaping does not cause combustion, as smoking does, which releases large amounts of harmful substances. The herbs are only heated to the optimal temperature, so the active substances enter your bloodstream in a much purer form.

However, bear in mind that although vaping is considered a less harmful alternative to smoking, there are still potential health risks associated with long-term use, such as respiratory irritation.


Different types of herbs on a wooden board

Which spring herbs are suitable for vaporisation?

Let's now take a look at the most common spring herbs that you can use in your kitchen, for making tea blends and also for vaping. Remember, the more crushed and dried the herbs are, the better your experience will be.


Which part can be vaporized?

Optimum vaporisation temperature

Therapeutic use

Bear garlic

Leaves cut off just above the ground

130 to 170 °C

Supports respiratory, circulatory and digestive function. It is also a powerful natural antioxidant.


Young shoots

140 to 170 °C

It contains a high amount of minerals; a great helper against spring fatigue, to aid digestion and cleanse the intestines.

Suitable for detoxification treatment due to its ability to purify the blood and rid the body of accumulated pollutants.


Young leaves, buds and sap

140 to 170 °C

Great for overall detoxification of the body, strengthening the urinary tract and cleansing the kidneys. In addition to tea, you can also prepare a decoction for rinsing hair. It promotes their elasticity and overall quality.

Daisy poorhouse


140 to 170 °C

Effective for colds, relieves congestion and coughs, it is also a natural antioxidant.


Even if you do not have the opportunity to pick herbs in the forest or in the garden, nothing is lost. You can buy a ready-made herbal mixture for vaporization.

Advantages and disadvantages of vaping herbs

Each method of consuming herbs has its advantages and disadvantages. This is no different in the case of vaporisation.

Inhaling it puts a lot more active substances into the blood than if you brewed the same amount of herbs into a tea, for example. Vaping is therefore a highly effective way to enjoy the beneficial effects of herbs. Unlike other ways of taking herbs, vaping also offers precise control over the dosage.

On the other hand, there may be a certain disadvantage in terms of higher initial costs - the purchase of a vaporizer, and the need for regular maintenance.

Tip: Are you just getting started with vaping and could use some basic information to get you started? Read our article on an introduction to vaporizing, where we explain the differences between vaporizers and heating methods.


Man holding a portable vaporizer, spring flowers in the background


Vaporizing spring herbs is an ideal way to connect with nature and harness the healing powers of plants, whose effects are strongest in spring. If you follow a few guidelines, it is a safe method of use. The most important thing is to dry and crush the herbs properly and to keep them at the optimal temperature at which the active substances are released but not burned. Our spring tips are birch, bear's garlic, nettle and poor man's daisy.

If you do not have the opportunity to pick herbs in nature, you can buy ready-made herbal mixtures for vaporization.

Let yourself be carried away into the world of natural harmony and healing power that herbs offer you. Take a deep breath and step into a new beginning with this spring.


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