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Disposable vapes: How long do they last?

What are disposable vapes?

Disposable vaporizers (vapes) are devices that vaporize a liquid inside a cartridge. The material is not burned, only heated and turned into steam. The resulting mist is then vaped (inhaled). Once the disposable cartridge runs out of liquid or the battery runs out, it is finished.

Vaporizers can come in many different shapes and sizes, usually most disposable vapes consist of a few main components:

The disposable cap is pre-filled with e-liquid (tobacco-free), and when used, it vaporises mainly liquids consisting of substances such as distillate with cannabinoids CBD, CBN, CBG, CBDP, H4CBD or THCB, terpenes, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavourings, water and possibly nicotine.

Classic disposables such as Kush Vape CBD, White Widow or Euphoria CBD Ice Watermelon cannot be recharged, once the battery or refill runs out it is finite. There are also disposable vape foams that can be recharged via micro USB if needed, such as Canntropy Lime Sorbet, CBD 95% and Orange County CBD Alien OG, 600 mg CBD. But once you run out of liquid, you'll have to say goodbye to the "vape".


Kush CBD vape OG White lasts 200 puffs

If you want to use vape pens repeatedly and long term, try the Flowermate Aura vaporizer, which is for dry herbs, or the Black Leaf CIGAR X1, which can vaporize herbal blends, waxes and concentrates.

Vape pens more often use conduction heating. Conduction vaporizers heat up faster than convection vaporizers, you can start vaping almost immediately after turning on the device.


Canntropy disposable vapes, Lime Sorbet flavour, 95% CBD

How long do disposable vapes last?

Disposables are intended for short-term use. They are usually made of plastic, making them more susceptible to damage and wear.

Most disposable devices state how many covers can be obtained with the device. However, this figure is not exact, as it depends on each "vaper" and their habits.

On average, a disposable will run out after 200 to 600 puffs, depending on the model you use, for example, the Orange County CBD Vape pen Pink Lemonade offers up to 3,500 puffs, while the Kush Vape CBD Vaporizer pen, Orange Runtz provides only 200 puffs.


Disposable Orange County vape that lasts up to 3,500 puffs

Typically, these devices contain cartridges that can hold 1ml vape liquid (e.g. Cannastra CBDP Disposable Starfruit Surge) to 2ml (e.g. Eighty8 CBD Vape Pen Premium Blueberry). There are also upgraded models that have 4ml tanks. The larger the amount of liquid, the longer the life of the device.

With rechargeable disposable vapes such as the CanaPuff Agent Orange 96% H4CBD, Zittlez Orange County CBD Vape pen or the Hemnia Premium H4CBD and CBD vaping pen from Spiritual Center, you're not at risk of running out of battery before you run out of refill.

Rechargeable Hemnia, H4CBD and CBD disposable vaping pen Spiritual Center - 50% H4CBD, 45% CBD, Tulsi, Gotu Kola, Sage

You can also buy universal cartridges, such as the Harmony Flow CBD Vape Cartridge OG Kush, which are more economical than disposables, and attach to a battery, such as the Groove BOLT 510 Battery and the Battery for CBD Cartridge.

A disposable vape is the right choice if you don't yet know if you want to vape long-term and want to avoid a larger investment in pocket, desktop or mechanical vaporizers.

Factors that affect equipment lifetime

The lifespan of the disposable depends on the volume of the tank and the life of the battery.

  • Batteries for vape

The classic disposable contains a pre-charged battery. If the battery runs out, the device can no longer be used. Therefore, please check the battery capacity before purchase. Most manufacturers of vapes state the battery capacity in the product description. Usually the e-liquid will run out before the battery, but it can be the other way around. 

The simplest and one of the smallest types you can get is a 510 threaded faucet. It is charged either via a USB port or via the supplied charger, which screws directly into the battery thread.

  • Storage

In general, all disposable vaporizers with cold batteries take longer to start and use more energy, so keep your device at room temperature. This will prolong battery life and also give you better vaping results - vapour quality will be better and device performance more reliable as it will not be exposed to too warm/freezing conditions.

  • Length of cover

If you prefer longer coatings, expect to use more liquid and for the cartridge to empty faster. It pays to find a balance between frequency and length of puff.

Warning signs that the end of the disposable is near

  • Flashing light

Most vaporizers, including disposable ones, have a sensor that starts flashing when the battery is running low. If you have a rechargeable disposable vape, just recharge the battery. But if it's not a rechargeable device and the battery life indicator light starts blinking, it's time to get a new one.

  • Reduced steam production

When steam production decreases, it means you are at the end of the liquid stack. If you start to see thinner clouds and less vapor overall, your vape will probably run out soon.

  • Less taste or burnt taste

A loss of flavour may indicate a low level of liquid or a very weak flavour, but it may also indicate that the vaporizer is no longer working as hard as it should and will soon "die".

It should be added that there may be other reasons behind the unpleasant taste during vaping, so it cannot automatically be attributed to the vaporizer being at the end of its life. A burnt taste can also predict that the power is too high for the coil head or that a large amount of so-called coagulated liquid has accumulated around the coil.

Tips to extend the life of a disposable vape

  • Proper maintenance and care

In order for the vape to last as long as possible, proper care is absolutely crucial. This includes cleaning the vaporizer regularly, charging the battery properly, and replacing the coils or pods as needed.

Cleaning disposable "vapes" is often very underestimated. Although disposables are not as complex as mods (advanced types of vaporizers), i.e. they don't have a lot of internal hardware that needs to be taken apart and individually cleaned, it is necessary to keep an eye on the mouthpiece to ensure it is not blocked by dirt, wipe it down and generally keep it clean.

  • Storage in optimal conditions

Vaporizers can overheat in the sun much like a computer or cell phone, and high temperatures can damage the internal components of the electronics. Humidity is similarly damaging. If you leave a disposable vaporizer exposed to direct sunlight or forget it in the bathroom, for example, the internal temperature can rise or moisture can get inside and cause damage to internal components. These factors will lead to a shortened lifespan, so keep the vape at room temperature and in a dry place.

  • Length of cover

How long and how often you draw from the device directly affects the life of the vaporizer. It is not necessary to observe every swipe, but short breaks between swipes can help conserve battery life by "wicking" the material (wicks) whose job it is to transport e-liquid from the reservoir to the atomizer or ignition coil. The wick material, which can be cotton, linen, hemp and wood pulp, silicon or ceramic, can begin to lose quality (degrade) under the influence of intense and prolonged coating.

Most disposables typically have an integrated "wicking" system and spool that provide optimal performance for a limited number of swipes, after which the device is intended to be discarded.

  • Handle your "vapik" with care

Like all electronics, vaporizers are not affected by drops on the ground, water, abrasions or direct exposure to the sun. Although the disposable vape does not have a display that can crack if dropped, if you don't handle the device carefully, internal damage can occur.

It's worth investing in a protective case to reduce the risk of damage if it falls to the ground. Protective sleeves also prevent the vape from getting wet.


XMAX Starry 3.0 silicone case to protect the vaporizer


Disposable vapes can last from a few days to weeks, depending on your usage habits, how heavily you coat, and other factors that determine durability. If you control your vaping habits, you can extend the life of your disposable "vape". Manufacturers of disposables usually state on the packaging how many coats they will last. Some people's disposables may last 1-3 days, while others may last for days or weeks.

If you take short breaks between whacking, you will save battery and wicks. It is true that longer and stronger swipes drain the battery more and weaken the "wicking" material in the device.

Heat, whether from the sun or another source, or humidity can affect the battery and the liquid in the vaporizer.

The disposables are easy to maintain, just clean them a little (wipe) so that small dirt does not get into the airflow holes or the mouthpiece.

Once the vape has reached the end of its life, be sure to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Unused cartridges and refills have nicotine salts and heavy metals in them that leach into the soil and waterways and can be ingested by animals.

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