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We offer thousands of hemp products for you, your loved ones and your pets – products containing CBDCBG and CBN cannabinoids, such as CBD capsules, CBGCBN and CBD drops, oils and crystalsCBD gummies and other sweets, liquidspatches and much more. We have everything for vaping. In addition to a wide selection of vaporizers and accessories for the proper use of medicinal herbs, we also offer a variety of quality hemp cosmetics (e.g. hemp creams, balms, ointments). We also sell haircare, skincare and body cosmetics for adults and natural cosmetics for children and babies. We offer hemp foods: teas, hemp seeds and oils, proteins, RAW foods, both savoury and sweet treats and snacks too. We think of everyone, even your pets. For your dogs and cats, we have anti-parasite products, cosmetics, supplements, treats and food. There comes a gift with every purchase! We are always happy to advise you on the selection. 

Reviews of CBD full spectrum and broad spectrum capsules: we tested 5 Czech brands

Reviews of CBD full spectrum and broad spectrum capsules: we tested 5 Czech brands

Sie möchten CBD- oder CBG-Kapseln ausprobieren, wissen aber nicht, für welches Produkt Sie sich entscheiden sollen? Das kann ich verstehen, denn es gibt derzeit viele Hersteller auf dem Cannabismarkt, so dass es nicht einfach ist, das richtige Produkt zu wählen. Deshalb habe ich in letzter Zeit verschiedene CBD-Kapseln ausprobiert, um meine persönlichen Erfahrungen mit dir zu teilen und dir eine Vorstellung von den Vor- und Nachteilen zu geben. In diesem Test habe ich mich auf 4 Vollspektrum-Kapseln mit CBD und CBG und 1 Breitspektrum-Tablette von tschechischen Marken konzentriert. Und ich muss sagen, dass einige von ihnen mich mit ihrer Wirkung buchstäblich umgehauen haben.

Cannabis and fertility

Does cannabis affect fertility?

Cannabis is a plant that is increasingly in the spotlight. Many experts are discussing its potential medicinal effects and possible health risks. What do the scientific studies say?

What does cellulite look like?

Does CBD help with cellulite? 4 steps to remove cellulite fast

Although cellulite is a completely natural phenomenon, what are we going to say - nobody likes it and nobody wants it on their body. According to statistics, approximately 90% of women and only 10% of men will experience cellulite in their lifetime. In this article, we'll break down what cellulite is, how it arises and where it occurs. Does CBD help cellulite? We look at 4 steps to remove cellulite quickly and introduce oils and peels. Are you ready to take on the battle against pesky orange skin?


What is CB9? Origin, effects, availability and comparison with cannabinoids CBD, H4CBD, HHC and THC

We have a new addition to the cannabis family! A newcomer among cannabinoids, CB9 stands out with its unique chemical structure. Let's explore what CB9 is, how it is formed and what its structural properties are. We will also look at its effects and therapeutic potential. Want to know if it has psychoactive properties? And how does it compare to the cannabinoids CBD, H4CBD, HHC and THC? Find out in this article.

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